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For the most part, regular Appleton Area School District curriculum is used. Subjects are taught in greater depth and at a faster pace to meet the needs of highly gifted students.

  • Communication arts uses the Junior Great Books program rather than a basal reader.
  • Social studies is taught in an integrated fashion with Communication Arts. Social studies themes are taught in a 2-year rotation. For example, one year all fifth and sixth grade Odyssey students study American history; the next year they all study the geography of the Western hemisphere.
  • Science is accelerated, with students mastering concepts in life, earth, and physical science. Students leaving Magellan are typically enrolling in biophysical science or chemistry, depending on their level of math expertise. Science is hands-on and lab-based and also taught in a 2-year rotation.
  • Math is accelerated for all students, and all are placed in pre-algebra, algebra, or higher when entering seventh grade. (By completing algebra in seventh grade, students can complete the math sequence through calculus without doubling up math courses in high school.)
  • The French curriculum is also accelerated, with students entering high school at the French III or IV level.  In high school, students are encouraged to take AP language and/or pursue a second language.
  • Art, music, and physical education are taught by the home school specialists. Band and strings are also available.

Twice a year, Odyssey fifth and sixth grade students participate in an interim – an in-depth study of one topic. For example, one year they worked on poetry with Ellen Kort, Wisconsin’s first poet laureate.

Odyssey-Magellan teachers also provide life skills/affective education. Meeting the social/emotional needs of highly gifted students is as critical as meeting their academic needs. 

A developmental guidance curriculum includes, but is not limited time management, organizational skills, career exploration, perfectionism, conflict resolution, social skills, listening skills, what giftedness is, emotional intelligence and manners.