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What is a Magnet School?
Magnet schools are free public “schools of choice” that operate within existing public schools in a district—unlike private and charter schools, which are completely separate institutions. Magnet schools focus on specific areas of interest, such as performing arts, world languages, and leadership, as well as science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM or STEAM for short) programs.

They utilize a hands-on, centralized approach to providing students with a robust learning experience in areas that capitalize on their strengths and interests. Children in magnet programs still learn the basic curricula that regular school programs provide, but those basics are enhanced by the special teaching techniques and more personalized settings of magnet schools.

What are the advantages of Odyssey-Magellan?
Students enjoy learning and socializing with other highly gifted peers. Students are energized with the fast-paced, in-depth curriculum. Students are stimulated by being challenged. Students love the independence and responsibility in this charter. Students enjoy learning French. Students learn a variety of study habits and organizational skills.

What is the waiting list policy?
Odyssey-Magellan class size mirrors the district guidelines of the number of students per grade level in grades 2-8. Once the class is full, a waiting list, by grade level, is started for new students wishing to attend. Once a student is enrolled continued enrollment is guaranteed. Students entering sixth grade must complete the Magellan Intent to Enroll Form and submit it by February 1st of their fifth grade year. Students always have the option to return to their home school at a parent/guardian's request.

What are the Odyssey-Magellan teacher qualifications?
Odyssey-Magellan teachers are certified to teach in Wisconsin and have academic credentials that support the subjects they teach. Further, they receive on-going staff development in the area of gifted education. 

What is the curriculum?
For the most part AASD curriculum is used. However, subjects are taught in greater depth and at a faster pace to meet the needs of highly gifted students.

Why do students learn French?
When OM began, a choice needed to be made between one accelerated world language or multiple world languages taught at a regular pace. It was decided that accelerated French would be offered. French is the second most frequently taught language after English. French and English are the only two global languages. Odyssey-Magellan students are able to take a second world language in high school when they complete the French sequence.

Are elementary guidance classes provided?
Teachers have developed and deliver curriculum to address guidance issues specific to highly gifted students. Behavioral concerns/needs are addressed according to the host school policy as directed by the principal and services from the host school guidance counselor are available when needed.

What are the homework expectations?
The Odyssey-Magellan curriculum consists of more project-based assignments that integrate many areas of learning, including time management, organization skills and accountability. Many students encounter more challenging work, which usually results in more homework than previously experienced. Resource time is given to complete homework.

Is transportation provided?
Transportation is provided to Odyssey students if they live on a special education bus route or if they can get to a special education bus stop. Magellan does not have transportation provided. A student directory and map is provided in the spring to assist parents with planning carpools.

What is the relationship to the host schools?
While Odyssey-Magellan is a separate school, it is integrated into the Highlands and Wilson communities. Students share the same art, music, and physical education teachers. Extracurricular activities at Highlands and Wilson are open to Odyssey-Magellan students. Some of these include: intramurals, drama, choir, running club, gaming club, SciPi club, student council, and PTA events. Fifth grade Odyssey students attend camp with Highland's 5th graders. Highlands/Odyssey PTA (Parent Teacher Association) and Wilson/Magellan WPV (Wilson Parent Volunteers) are combined to benefit all students in the buildings.

What about siblings?
Siblings may attend the host school if the school is open through the AASD open enrollment process.