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Why Odyssey/Magellan?

What are the advantages of Odyssey-Magellan?

Students enjoy learning and socializing with other highly gifted peers. Students are energized with the fast-paced, in-depth curriculum. Students are stimulated by being challenged. Students love the independence and responsibility in this magnet school. Students enjoy learning French. Students learn a variety of study habits and organizational skills.

Both levels of our program:

  • Provide an advanced curriculum
  • Emphasize social and emotional needs of gifted students as well as academics
  • Challenge students with high expectations
  • Rank among Wisconsin’s best performing school per the state school report cards
  • Provide foreign language to all students (French) with students entering high school at an advanced level

At Odyssey, in grades 2-5 we also have:

  • Interims when we use all of our core time for a few weeks to focus on one interdisciplinary topic
  • Exploratoriums where students create and share hands-on science exhibits and other school projects

Field Trips, featuring:

  • Overnight winter environmental camp
  • Various science field trips including time at our on campus Highlands habitat

Arts performances

  • Computer programming lessons
  • School Wide Multicultural Fair
  • Extra-curricular offerings including a science and math club – The SciPi Club

At Magellan, in grades 6-8 we also have:

  • Future Problem Solving

Field Trips, featuring:

  • Concordia Language camp (offered for 8th graders)
  • PAC and Spring Green
  • Milwaukee Museum

Off campus class activities

  • Interdisciplinary projects
  • Dramatic performances
  • Community Service projects
  • School-wide Health Fair
  • High school and college planning
  • Extra-curricular offerings including the school play and athletics