Magellan Reminders

Magellan Reminders
Posted on 09/07/2021
Welcome to Magellan for a brand new school year.  For those families new to our school this year, here is some information that may be helpful.

Students may bring phones and other devices to school, however, because all students will be receiving a Chromebook, they should stay in lockers.

Students and parents are encouraged to check Infinite Campus to monitor progress in class. Please note that this is not a good strategy to keep track of assigned work not yet due. (See student organizational system)

Please start off the year by checking your student’s organizational system. Some students will stick with a planner, others prefer something online. All students are expected to have a system that works for them.

If you are picking up your student after school, designate a place where you will pick them up.

When visiting Magellan, you must sign in at the office.  For safety, it is school policy that everyone is signed in upon entry into the building.

For appointments, students may sign themselves out. Please call/email ahead so the office and teachers are aware.

Please call the office (852-5435) to report that your child will be absent for any reason. The office needs a direct contact so they can ask the necessary questions.  An email to a teacher is not enough.

We welcome and encourage parent communication. Please do not hesitate to email any of us or make an appointment for a mini-conference. We are here to help!  

Future Problem Solvers
All Magellan students will again be participating in the Future Problem Solvers competition. In a few weeks, we will begin by teaching new Magellan students the “how-to” and then start digging into our first topic: International Travel. Much more information will be sent home soon.

Also, we are going to be more proactive this year with fundraising for the State Bowl (April 21-23 in Green Lake). The plan is to have both a fall and a spring fundraiser. If you are interested in helping organize the fall fundraiser, please let me know.