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Our School

Odyssey-Magellan Magnet School provides advanced learners with a challenging study of math, science, communication arts, social studies, and foreign language in a stimulating classroom environment, with experienced and dedicated teachers.

Students in grades second through fifth attend school on the Odyssey campus located at Highlands Elementary School.

Students in grades sixth through eighth attend school on the Magellan campus located at Wilson Middle School.

Message from the Principals

Welcome to Highlands-Odyssey Elementary School. Our students are taught by a talented and dedicated staff who work together with our families for our students' success.

We value the commitment of our volunteers, and encourage our parents to get involved with various school and PTO projects in the Highlands-Odyssey School Community.

We take pride in continuous academic growth through challenging learning experiences, accepting differences, building interactions with family, school, and community, and creating a safe, healthy and caring place.

Kari Krueger
Odyssey Principal

A warm welcome to Magellan, where we work as a team (student, parents and staff ) to support our students in reaching their highest potential academically, behaviorally and socially.  

The Magellan curriculum is designed to meet the specific needs of the highly gifted learner by giving the students the opportunity to move at a faster pace and, go into more detail and complexity which supports the continuous academic growth of our students.

In addition, lessons and activities that develop social awareness of the broader community and good citizenship are infused into the curriculum. Our team goal is to guide students to become well rounded lifelong learners who are positive contributors to society.  

Debra Moreland
Magellan Principal