School Goals

 Odyssey/Magellan School Goals

  • To provide a supportive and responsive environment that will appropriately challenge each student’s abilities and creativity through a fast-paced, in-depth and complex curriculum; 
  • To provide students guidance in identifying and developing their unique talents and abilities;
  • To provide students an opportunity to learn with intellectual peers – both independently and in partnership;
  • To motivate students to meet high standards of achievement and persist through difficulties and challenges, resulting in the development of self-esteem;
  • To provide students a learning environment that fosters integrity, personal responsibility, citizenship, an appreciation of diversity, and respect for others;
  • To give students access to teachers who have specialized training in particular fields of expertise;
  • To involve parents in the learning process and provide opportunities for understanding and nurturing the unique talents of their children;
  • To provide social-emotional support that enables students to better understand and embrace their gifts.