Eligibility and Enrollment

Students must be identified as gifted in general intellectual ability and must meet one or more of the following criteria:

Tier III – Qualification for the Odyssey-Magellan Magnet School
General Intellect - 2 academic areas (ELA and Math/Science)

K-8 Triangulation of data and classroom evidence

  • Non-discriminatory student assessment scoring in the 99th percentile (Assessment TBD but may include: Nagelieri, Loman-Renzulli Scale, TOMAGS, CogAT) or top 1% of local norms or peer group
  • Reading benchmark three years beyond or top 1% of local norms or peer group
  • Appropriate math placement one year beyond or top 1% of local norms or peer group
  • Portfolio of classroom evidence (may include writing samples, science work, project work, checklists, surveys, etc.)

K - 1st-grade students

  • Fall MAPS 99,99
  • Winter MAPS 99,98
  • Spring MAPS 99,95
  • Looking for a trend of scores …or triangulation of data guidelines

2nd - 8th-grade students

  • 99th percentile in math and/or reading on MAPS and other score at the 95th percentile or higher i.e. 99, 95.

EXPLORE Test scores in Service Category 3

  • Two scores in Service Category 3, one must be in CA and the other in science or math
  • One score in Service Category 3 and one score in the opposite area on MAP at the 95th percentile or higher
Eligible students are invited to submit their Intent to Enroll form before the last Friday in February. This may be obtained by contacting Cassie Guilbeault at (920) 997-1399 ext. 5375.
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Enrollment Procedures

If you are interested in attending an ASSD charter school immediately, please contact that school for availability.  If a seat is available, you work complete the application with that school.  The 2020-21 application will be live starting December 1, 2019.

If more forms are received than spots are available, a lottery will determine enrollment and waiting list order. Forms received after the lottery drawing are added to the waiting list in the order received.

If fewer forms are received, all students will be placed. Additional forms will be collected until the first Friday in May. If a lottery is required it will take place on this date, following the procedures above. This allows for the open enrollment deadlines to be followed.

If space remains after the first Friday in May, students will be placed in the order in which forms are received, until the spots are full. Subsequent forms will be collected and a lottery held only if space becomes available.

Odyssey students are guaranteed a space at Magellan if they submit a Magellan Intent to Enroll form by the last Friday in February.

Magellan students have the option to choose which Appleton High School they will attend. Siblings may attend the host school if the school is open through the district's open enrollment process.
Enrollment Forms
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